4 Trends Leading Unified Communications in 2016

savi_w740_bThe traditional business model for work communication often revolves around in-person meetings and conference calls. Unfortunately, these outdated styles of communication may be hindering your productivity instead of promoting it. Unified Communication solutions allow you to collaborate with your employees more efficiently and streamline communication in the workplace.

Unified Communication itself is also evolving. Solutions that focuses on one specific feature such as instant messaging or cloud file sharing is not enough to support a successful business. The new trend for unified communications will be a suite of applications that a team will be able to utilize such as calling, private sessions, and group or video conferencing. Here are a few technological workplace trends that will be leading unified communication in the New Year.

Unified Communication Trends:

Shift Away From Email:

Emailing has been the primary way of communication between colleagues and coworkers, although the weakness of emailing as the main source for communication is slower open and response time. Emailing will still be the dominant form of communication for outgoing messages, but for internal communication, a quick response time is key. Most workplaces today will likely utilize some sort of instant messaging platform for communications between coworkers.

Knowledge Sharing:

Traditionally, businesses would avoid collaboration between different office teams or departments. We will be seeing a trend of businesses encouraging teamwork and cross-department collaboration in order to take advantage of the knowledge that each department has and if that knowledge will help each other succeed. Advantages of having a collaborative office environment include efficiency, customer focus, and organizational learning, just to name a few.

All-In-One Platforms:

Businesses are actively looking for one unified platform that will allow users to access all the features that they need in order to increase productivity. Features such as document sharing, document collaboration, instant messaging, video conferencing, and other features should be able to co-exist in a singular platform.

Remote Communication:

Technology gives us the ability to conduct business no matter where you are. Businesses will be providing their employees with communication tools that will allow them to work remotely and stay more connected. Video conferencing will replace in-person meetings and document collaboration will be vital in allowing team members to continue to work together on the go.

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